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Welcome to eDucate®, a unique e-learning portal specifically developed to address the current challenges of retrieving pertinent, user-specific information from an ever expanding body of literature currently available to healthcare professionals. That is to say, while on-line medical information is abundant, it is diffusely disseminated and retrieval of focused information is challenging. To address this, Innovate R&D has designed and developed a unique (patent pending) content filtering system, eDucate® that allows users to browse and access from different perspectives of their choice or situation whether they are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or patients. In short, eDucate® is an on-line repository of disease specific information for healthcare professionals that has been comprehensively reviewed by key opinion leaders in their respective fields and presents each user with the opportunity to review core disease information, as well as obtain a practical approach to patient care, as it relates to data gleaned from landmark trials and current guidelines. All professional members will have the opportunity to access webinars, peer reviewed articles, quick review executive summaries, and associated power point or PDF slide presentations, augmented by audio, video, and high resolution images.


Patients visiting this website will also have the opportunity to review background information on disease topics as well as treatment options and expected outcomes that have been summarized in a patient-oriented manner.


Over the past 2 years more than 65,000 individuals have leveraged the eDucate® portal for their medical information needs. To ensure continued growth and expansion we are moving to a subscription based model to further enhance the user experience. This will be accomplished by the addition of emerging technologies to optimize and deliver new as well as existing peer-reviewed modules and Webinars.



Professional Membership Benefits include:


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  • All educate peer-reviewed modules
  • Quick Reviews (1 page disease summaries)
  • Clinic trial updates (1 page summaries)
  • Lecture slides for each disease area
  • Printable patient brochures
  • 2016 Webinars Series:
    • - Current Dynamics of Rheumatoid Arthritis Management (Dr. Philip Baer)
    • - Office Assessment of First Time Seizure (Dr. Eduard Bercovici)
  • Archived 2015 Webinars:
    • - Cardioembolic Stroke (Dr. Milan Gupta / Dr. Andre Douen)
    • - Changing Trends in COPD Management (Prof. Andrew McIvor)


We invite you register and select your subscription level. We hope you enjoy your experience within eDucate®





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eDucate is committed to optimizing the delivery of health information across the Healthcare continuum. To this end eDucate uses a wide array of learning tools, including Webinars, Quick Review Charts, Graphs, Brochures, Videos and Slide Presentations.

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