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Please review our FAQs for answers to some commonly asked questions.


I previously had free access to eDucate®, how can I continue to use this medical portal?


  • Use your pre-existing user name and password to log-in, then click on "update profile" to select your subscription/membership level to eDucate®


How can I pay for access and how is my financial information stored?


  • Payment for subscription packages is made through PayPal via major credit card or your PayPal account
  • eDucate® does not store or retain any financial information. All payments are made directly through PayPal


What are the various types of medical information available?


  • Professional content in the eDucate® medical portal is segmented based on the specific healthcare user, i.e. Physician, Nurse and Pharmacist
  • The patient segment contains general lay summary information on specific disease topics


Where does the health information on the website come from?


  • Major textbooks, journals and current guidelines are used as core references for the development of background disease information. Treatment strategies and medication information are extracted from current guidelines, landmark trials and major online pharmacological resources


How is the medical information validated?


  • All professional articles are peer reviewed by key opinion leaders in their respective fields


How often is the content updated?


  • Documents are reviewed/updated on a quarterly basis


How do I register for access?


  • Select the green Register button in the Login section and complete the registration form provided


What if I don't see my professional specialty in the "area of interest" when registering?


  • You may choose "other" if your professional specialty is not listed


When registering how long does the email activation link take when I click to activate my account?


  • This would usually take a few seconds, however, depending on the type and version of browser you are using, it may occasionally take bit longer than usual


I may on rare occasion see a term "online conflict Logins" while browsing, what does this mean?


  • It happens if a user is trying to login while the user is already logged from another machine (i.e. home) with the same User ID. In this case the user should either log out from the first machine or wait one hour before login in from second machine/browser
  • Not very often, it may happen due to type of browser being used. Simply log out, wait 1-2 min and login again


"Browser conflict" appears and I cannot access information on the site.


  • You may experience this depending on the security or "cookies" setting on your computer.


  • Validation Redirect


What if I have additional questions not covered in the FAQs?


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