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Innovate Research & Development (Innovate R&D) was established in 2007 with the primary objective of bridging the growing gap between the abundance of online medical information and the healthcare providers need for focussed, pertinent disease specific information that would have immediate relevance to patient care. To effectively address this challenge the eDucate® e-Learning portal was designed, developed and launched in early 2013. The eDucate® portal contains comprehensive medical, nursing, and pharmaceutical review articles that have been reviewed and vetted through key opinion leaders in their respective fields. The icon-based delivery platform allows users to tailor learning and information gathering according to their individual needs. The cross-functional design of this platform allows for a seamless flow of information among healthcare professionals by providing, essential core subject material in a logical and succinct format to the 3 main healthcare providers (MD, RN, Pharmacists), while at the same time delivering user-specific drug and diagnostic related content. The eDucate® portal also addresses the needs of the patient, by providing searchable, relevant, patient oriented medical information.




Ultimately, Innovate's mission through the eDucate® e-learning portal is to:

  • Promote best practices through facilitation of knowledge transfer from randomized clinical trials and guidelines
  • Expedite understanding and use of emerging therapies
  • Enhance knowledge regarding availability of diagnostic tools that can assist with early precise diagnosis whereby patient management is improved


Validation: All healthcare professional documents are peer reviewed.


Updates: Documents are reviewed/updated on a quarterly basis.


Citation Policy: Major textbooks, journals and current guidelines are used as core references for the development of background disease information. Treatment strategies and medication information are extracted from current guidelines, landmark trials and major online pharmacological resources. Clinical trials and pipeline data are abstracted from their respective publications.

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eDucate is committed to optimizing the delivery of health information across the Healthcare continuum. To this end eDucate uses a wide array of learning tools, including Webinars, Quick Review Charts, Graphs, Brochures, Videos and Slide Presentations.

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